P.E. Just Got More Awesome with Paddling Classes from Bayou Paddlesports!

Bring your class to Bayou Paddlesports to learn how to paddle! We can teach your class basic paddling skills for students 10 years and up! All paddling classes include bottled water and healthy snacks for students. Students are encouraged to pack a change of clothes and a towel so that they can resume their day dry and comfortable.

Basic Paddling Skills:
  • Introduction to gear 
  • How to hold a kayak paddle 
  • How to launch themselves from a bank or dock 
  • How to paddle forward/ backwards 
  • How to steer and turn
  • Self rescue (Self rescue is where the student paddler will learn how to safely get back into the boat and flip their boat right side up in the event that they have flipped the boat over while paddling.)

Schedule Classes

To schedule P.E. paddling classes call Rhonda at (504) 515-3398
NOTE: You must pay onsite before class time to ensure your spot.

Group Outing / PE Class Inquiry