Night Paddles for 2022 Cancelled

Due to the recent changes in our city we have cancelled many scheduled night paddles since April. As you know this year many venues opened up, festivals hosted and parades rolled so the usual local favorites have returned with nostalgic fuel unmatched by our small impact.
Unfortunately we have had to make the hard decision to stop Looziana Saturday Nites and all Night Paddles until further notice. The recent decline in attendance is a reflection of the current needs of the community.
We will still offer private group Night Paddles with a minimum of 15 participants required so contact us if you need more info!
If you’re a Rain Check holder for one of our past cancellations you may use the total amount paid as a credit or convert it into a gift card and share the paddling love! We’re open til December 31st (weather permitting) so plan to cash in those Rain Checks before then because they don’t transfer over to the next calendar year.