Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can’t make it to my reservation?
A. We understand life happens if you are unable to make the reservation time give us a call during our business hours to reschedule. If you no call no show at the time of the reservation you have 7 days to call us to reschedule (504)515-3398. We will transfer your reservation to another date, sorry no refunds. NOTE: All rain checks or other reservations DO NOT CARRY ON TO THE NEW YEAR. Sorry, no exceptions.

Q: Do you have group discounts?
A: We don’t offer group discounts but we have extra perks for groups such as fresh fruit and healthy snacks after the paddle. See our Group Deals section under Services tab for more info. Please check our Group Deals Page.


Q: Do you sell your old gear?
A: Yes, we will have a Gear Swap in December so that anyone who wants to buy or sell their used gear can do so.


Q: I have my own boat/paddleboard can I still launch at your site?
A: Yes, everyone is welcome! We do ask that you pick up after yourself, that you do not park on the gravel road near the bayou so that others can efficiently launch  and keep your gear clear of the launch when not in use.


Q: Do I have to know how to paddle to rent from you?
A: No, we cater to first timers. Just let us know it’s your first time and we will give you a quick tutorial on how to paddle before you take off. If you would like to know a little more check out our paddling lessons.


Q: Is it safe to swim in Bayou St John?
A: Yes, we swim all the time! Be sure to wear water shoes to protect your feet because this is brackish water and sometimes barnacles form on the paved side of the bayou. Under that slick layer of algae are sharp edges, so be prepared.


Q: Can my dog come paddle too?
A: Yes! We are very pet friendly and welcome all pets. We do ask that you keep an eye on them while in the water and ask us any questions if you are paddling for the first time with your pet. We also have pet PFD’s (life vest) available for rent for $5 each.


Q: Can my baby paddle too?
A: We ask that you start bringing your little ones at the age of 2 years, sorry no exceptions. We do have multiple size kids PFD’s (life vests) for rent for $5.


Q: Will you hold my keys and phone?
A: No, but we have little containers that you can use to bring those items with you.


Q: How deep is the bayou?
A: It varies, some parts are at least 20′ other parts are 5′.


Q: Do I have to make a reservation to paddle?
A: No but it’s a good idea because it guarantees you a kayak or paddleboard (SUP) because we do sell out sessions. So if you are planning to bring the gang tell them when to reserve so everyone paddles!


Q: What if I have a reservation and it rains?
A: Reservations will be contacted in the event of unfavorable weather. All paddling will resume as soon as it’s safe to do so. See our facebook page for up to date info on weather interruptions so that you can best plan your day. If you are unable to paddle during your scheduled reservation because of the weather your options are as follows:

  • we will resume paddling after the weather has passed
  • you can paddle at a later time in the day
  • reschedule for another day
  • rain check

Rain Check is like a credit where we make a note by your reservation that the weather is unfavorable so that you can decide when you would like to paddle and we will move your reservation to that day. This option is best for locals who aren’t sure when they want to reschedule. 

NOTE: all rain checks or other reservations DO NOT CARRY ON TO THE NEW YEAR NO EXCEPTIONS.


Q: Do I have to know how to swim to paddle?
A: No, you will be fine if you wear your PFD or life vest.

Q: Are there any alligators?
A: Sometimes, but this is a very residential area so Wildlife and Fisheries keeps a close eye on the bayou.

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