Tickless Eco Chemical-Free Tick Repellent for Adults
  • Tickless Eco Chemical-Free Tick Repellent for Adults
  • Tickless Eco Chemical-Free Tick Repellent for Adults
  • Tickless Eco Chemical-Free Tick Repellent for Adults

Tickless Eco Chemical-Free Tick Repellent for Adults

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Tickless Tick & Flea & Dust-mite Repellent Products

The new generation of the 100% chemical-free ultrasonic tick, flea and dust mite repellent products has arrived.

  • They are all harmless to people and animals.
  • The Tickless/Miteless products disturb ticks, fleas and dust mites, therefore these annoying little pests lose their controls and senses and therefore they won't bite.
  • Enjoy nature with these chemical-free solutions!




Who Makes Tickless?

How does TICKLESS work?

The TICKLESS device emits a series of ultrasonic pulses that are imperceptible to humans, pets or wildlife, but disturb ticks and fleas, thus keeping them away. Ticks climb to the ends of grass, leaves or branches and attach to hosts that brush against them. When you walk in such areas, they sense your smell, the carbon dioxide you breathe out and your movement with their so-called Haller organ. TICKLESS’ ultrasound waves disturb this organ, so they won’t find you.

What is this ultrasound?

Ultrasonic wave is an acoustic (sound) energy in the form of waves having a frequency range above that of human hearing range. The sounds humans can perceive have a frequency ranging from 20–20,000 hertz (Hz). Although dogs and cats hear way better than people, they are not disturbed by the very high frequency of 40 kHz, making the TICKLESS device entirely safe and harmless.

Has TICKLESS been tested by a laboratory?

TICKLESS technology underwent rigorous testing and was proven effective by a clinical study at the University of Camerino, Italy.

How effective are the devices?

According to our latest studies, the device keeps ticks away with 94% efficiency, without the use of harmful chemicals!

Is it effective against flies and mosquitos?

No. Tickless products provide protection against ticks and our Miteless products provide protection against dust mites.

Are the products safe to use for pregnant women, elderly people or toddlers?

Yes, it can be used safely as it is environmentally friendly and does not contain chemicals or fragrances.

My dog can hear ultrasound, is it not disturbing for him?

No! Although dogs and cats hear way better than people, they are not disturbed by the soundwave TICKLESS emits. Dogs can realize ultrasound waves between 25-30 KHz, TICKLESS is working with 40 KHz, making the device entirely safe and harmless.

Where should I put my device?

We recommend that you attach the device to your shoes in the first place. If that is not possible, you can also put it on your bag. It is very important for the efficient operation of the product that you do not stifle the emitted ultrasonic waves by covering the side of the grid, so do not put it in your pocket, bag or under your clothes!

Does TICKLESS provide 100% protection?

In areas heavily populated by ticks, 100% protection is not guaranteed. In case of pets, effectiveness depends on the condition of the animal’s coat. It is not suitable for removing ticks or fleas from pets that have already been infected. To ensure the best possible protection, we recommend taking other precautions (e.g. shampooing) before use.

Is the device waterproof?

The device is highly resistant to moisture (IP31), which means it can be used in rainy weather, and no problem if some water drops on it. If your dog goes accidently into water, dry the device with a cold blowing hairdryer as soon as you can. In case if it's immediately dried out TICKLESS will most probably work flawlessly thereafter but it might affect battery life.

What is this IP certification?

TICKLESS is highly resistant to moisture and has been classified as IP31. The IP Code is an international protection marking for mechanical casings and electrical enclosures; it classifies and rates the degree of protection provided against intrusion (body parts such as hands and fingers), dust, accidental contact and water.

How long does TICKLESS work?

Under average weather conditions (air humidity range between 40%~75%, temperature -20℃~+70℃) the Human device is capable of operating for approximately 3000 hours.

Can I change the battery?

No! TICKLESS is a closed system, so once you try to change the battery, you can break the device and its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed anymore. By opening the device, you also lose the guarantee we provide.

What does the LED light indicate when I press it?

Until the LED light appears, the device is working properly– and that means emitting sounds, too.

TICKLESS Human devices can be switched ON/OFF with the button (they also switch off after 8 hours of continuous working to save battery life). In this case the LED light marks the switching ON or OFF.

How big are the ranges of the devices?

Tickless Human operates within 2 meters (6.5 feet).

Is it okay if I carry the device in my pocket?

No. Do not put the device in a pocket or bag, as doing so will obstruct the emitted ultrasonic waves

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